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Midonashi's Geese Skin Pack

Have you ever wanted to be a goose?  Are you a fan of genuine memes?  What does the fox say?  Well if you said yes here is a perfect skin pack for you.

This is The Midonashi's Geese Skin Pack!  A great collab between Commanding Shark and Midonashi!  This skin pack currently features 9 geese and comes with the Commanding Shark Skin.  Get ready to peck the competition because these skins are friendly to most bedrock servers.  They are also well made and come with a code to unlock the "Titan Goose" in Commanding Shark's upcoming Anime KitPvP.  You can also use this skins for so much more.  The geese in this pack are the Dream Goose, Dababy Goose, The Commanding Shark Goose, Among Us Geese (Red, Lime, White, and Magenta), The Black Goose, and The King-Necked Goose.


Some Important Information

  • If you want a custom skin pack, resource pack, addon, world, or anything else related to bedrock; You can contact me on my discord server.  (Depending on the amount of work, you may be charged.)
  • This skin pack is NOT allowed to be reposted on ANY other site.
  • If you share this skin pack, please share the MCPEDL link or the Linkvertise link because it supports me as a creator and allows me to keep going.
  • Make sure to check out my Podcast "Gamer Thingz" on Spotify, Anchor, Google Podcast, and more!
  • The skins were designed by Midonashi (Except the Commanding Shark Goose) and all the rest was done by Commanding Shark.
  • If you have any issues, you can reach me in the comments or my Discord server.

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-Fixed the linkvertise so it should work a lot better.

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Best skin pack and the creator is pog too
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